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       It was about 15 years ago when we started calling ourselves the 7day recreationalists. We know the value of daily exercise and that, in and of itself is our goal. Living in southern New England means we deal with weather and changing seasons. One day it may snow and the next it may rain. We need a full quiver of sport options to be able to get out daily, and the weather can’t get in the way. We may ski one day and bike the next, if it rains for days we may be kayaking, if a swell hits the coast, we may go to the beach and surf. We bike, we hike, we ski, we surf, we kayak, we canoe, we ride long skateboards and recreate in myriad other ways.  It isn’t about what we do or what you do, it’s about doing, getting out and gettin’ it done.  The choices for self propelled sports and ways to exercise are limitless.

        Around here, when you meet someone, they will usually ask you “What do you do?”  Typical responses are about work or careers. In other cultures scattered across the planet, people answer according to what they are passionate about. Your passion may be your work or it may be all about how you play. In winter, maybe you’re a skier/biker, while during the summer you’re a biker/skier. What do I do? I’m a 7day recreationalist.      You are what you think you are, you can be what you want to be. I have always been a 7day recreationalist, it is my passion, my therapy, my play and my temple. In 2005 I was reading about the health benefits of recreation and learned that a little daily exercise is the best thing you can do for your physical and mental health. Our culture has become too sedentary. I decided that I needed to spread the 7day recreation word. During a bike ride, back in 2005, we came up with the concept of our logo (many people do their best thinking while exercising). Our goal is to inspire, inform and impassion 7day recreationalists to get out and get it done.    Hey, what do you do??                                   Happy Trails !                           
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Bill Couch, aka “Wilbur” lives in the beautiful town of Norfolk, Ct. where he pursues his lifelong commitment to recreation in nature. He has always been the catalyst for outdoor activities in his neighborhood, organizing hiking, biking and skiing tours through the surrounding hills.  His passion for helping others to realize the benefits of exercise and the great outdoors has led him to expand his knowledge and skills to better serve those in the local communities.

Personal Training - Bill is an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer. This nationally accredited certification allows Bill to help individuals achieve their personal fitness goals.  Bill  believes in a balanced attack to fitness. While cardiorespiratory, resistance and flexibility training are the cornerstones, time in nature and mind/body exercise help to keep us grounded.  click here

Outdoor Recreation - Wilderness First Aid and  Water Safety credentials will allow Bill to offer

guided hiking, biking,skiing, snowshoeing and flat water paddling tours and instruction. Bill is also available as a playing partner for golf, tennis and surfing.

Justice of the Peace - Bill is a J.P. and is able to marry anyone, anywhere in Connecticut. Anywhere, on skis, bikes, on a mountain, in a river, a backyard or even in a church. click here

For more information on Bill Couch’s services, please contact him through