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An Hour A Day...Even 45 minutes, even 30 minutes is enough time to engage in an aerobic activity and reap myriad benefits. Many diseases affect us just because we are too sedentary and/or overweight. For most of us managing our weight is simply a matter of how many calories we consume and how many calories we burn.  We burn fat when our heart rate is 60-75 % of our maximum.  To calculate your training heart rate, men subtract your age from 220, for women subtract your age from 225, then use 60-75% of that value. For those of us not into checking our heart rates, breathe hard but don’t gasp. Aerobic training provides the base that  all other activities require for success. Biking, running, swimming and hiking or walking are all excellent aerobic activities that we can do daily to get and stay healthy. Fill out and use the prescription below when you need an excuse for your boss, spouse  or even for yourself to get out and get it done !!!

                                                                                      Happy Trails !

Bicycling   “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” - John F Kennedy

Biking is one of the best ways to get around, to  commute, or just to exercise. Bicycling is the most efficient form of human transportation. Commuting by bicycle just a few miles a day can increase your
aerobic fitness 11-17 % in just 6 weeks, it can reduce the risk of death due to heart disease by as much as 22 %. There are really no age restrictions for bikers and biking is considered low impact, which means it is easy on the joints. When our knees can no longer take the pounding that running delivers, biking can be an excellent form of daily training. By biking to stay in shape we can  save our knees for other sports that we are still passionate about, like skiing, tennis or soccer. Go ride a bike, in the woods, on the road, or even at the gym and you’ll feel better. Check out the fun bike sites on the right...                                            Happy Trails !

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Running is an extremely efficient way to maintain aerobic fitness, burn calories and enjoy all the other benefits of daily exercise,(lower cholesterol, cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, etc.,etc...) Running is a weight bearing exercise and can help maintain and improve bone density, which can help reduce osteoporosis. Running, whether on the trail, the road or even on a treadmill can improve balance. The beauty of running is it’s simplicity, with just a pair of running shoes and the will, one can run anywhere, anytime and there are no good excuses to not run. Running in the rain or snow just makes it more fun. Trail running, because of the ever changing surface causes us to constantly vary our stride which makes us work just a little harder. With nature as our playground, no two days are ever the same and the wonder of the natural world adds to our overall well being. Go run !                                Happy Trails !  

Swimming may be the best life sport for your mind and body. While receiving all the benefits to your heart, lungs and muscles, relaxing and allowing yourself to focus on the rhythm of your strokes can induce a meditative state, leaving you with a feeling of psychological well being. Students that swim seem to do better in school as a group compared to non swimmers. I swim to stay in shape for surfing, and I have discovered that swimming compliments biking perfectly. When I’m biking I’m hunched over the bars with my back bent and swimming straightens me out and stretches my muscles leaving me ready for the next event. Moving through the water is pure therapy. Swimming burns calories, but when you step out of the pool or pond, your body cools quickly and you stop burning calories, unlike biking or running where the heat that you have built up continues burning calories for several hours after you stop. Therefore, swimming might not be the best way to lose weight, but it may be the best overall  low impact sport for your mind and body. Go for a swim, it feels really good. 
Hiking/Walking is a way to get all the benefits of aerobic activity without the sweat, bike or pool.
Only 15 % of adults in the U.S. manage to get the minimum amount of weekly exercise for good health. Just a brisk 45 minute walk, 4 times a week satisfies the 3 hours a week of moderate paced walking that can reduce heart disease risk by 40 %, according to a Harvard study. Today, my dog and I will hike and do some pre-winter ski trail maintenance for about an hour. I’ll burn about 400 calories, I might see a beautiful sunset, I’ll wonder at the complexity of the natural world, I’ll breathe some clean air and my dog and I will feel much better than if we had sat in front of the tube for an hour. Start today, go for a walk                                                                      Happy Trails !
Team Sports can be fun at any age.  They teach us about commitment, about the whole being greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Teams can be social and supportive.
Disregard bad coaches, bad refs, and bad teammates. Play for the love of the game.   

We play because

we love the game.

Play a game.

Fall in love.


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